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Bathroom Wall Tiles

Wall tiles are one of the best ways you can cover your bathroom wall. There are over 6,300 businesses specialising in wall coverings, and of those, the majority sell tiles. The durable nature of tiles is attested in the many thousands of small mosaic tiles excavated in Ancient Greek and Egyptian archaeological sites; even with the passage of thousands of years, tiles do not lose their colour or break easily.

Bathroom Wall Tiles

But why are tiles so popular?

The answer to this question lies with the inherent design of the tiles themselves. Wall tiles for bathrooms are usually manufactured from hard-wearing, durable materials such as ceramic, natural stone and porcelain, which are also waterproof. This means that unlike other types of wall covering, such as wallpaper or paint, they actually prevent splashes of water from damaging the wall itself. This in turn means that the tiles and the wall are protected and last longer, meaning that whilst the initial cost of purchasing is higher, overall they are more cost-effective.

The waterproof nature of the tiles (and the grouting between them!) means that they are also easy to clean. With wall tiles in your bathroom, a simple wipe with a damp cloth ensures that bacteria and microbes are not allowed to gain a foothold and breed; so your bathroom is automatically more hygienic. Perfect for protecting little hands and feet!

Of course, it is not only due to their high functionality that wall tiles for bathrooms are so popular. Bathroom tiles are great aesthetically, thanks to their smooth, polished surface which reflects light and gives the illusion that the room is bigger and more spacious. They also come in a complete range of colours, from neutral whites and creams right through the vivid reds and blues and greens and yellows until the browns, greys and blacks. This wide selection means that however you have decorated your bathroom, there will always be a set of tiles to match. Whether you choose a single colour and pattern to subtly enhance the room, or whether you decide to be more creative and design your own bold pattern.

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