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What to Consider when Decorating your Bathroom

When it comes to decorating your bathroom you may wish to do your homework on what to purchase as it can be very expensive it you make the wrong choices. Here’s some advice which might be useful from buying floor tiles to the perfect bathroom wall tile.

What to Consider when Decorating your Bathroom

Choosing the right bathroom wall tile and floor tiles

This can be a little overwhelming when it comes to choosing that state-of-the-art bathroom wall tile or floor tiles as there as lots of options to choose from and laying them out can be a little daunting especially for all you DIY newbie’s. However, laying new tile on the walls and floor is way easier than you think. There are lots of good books and websites available that will show you step-by-step how to install new tile.  You can purchase a number of all singing-dancing stylish designs from perfect non-slip floor tiles to that unique bathroom wall tile design.

Planning your bathroom lighting

Most of us spend a lot of time in the bathroom so it's important to assess the lighting situation when planning a new scheme. It's something that's often overlooked but believe it or not it’s just as important as in the kitchen. Bare bulbs covered by old fashioned lamp shades are now a thing of the past as there are so many sleek and stylish options available today.

Strip lights

When placed above or alongside your bathroom mirror, strip lights will significantly reduce shadows, helping you shave or apply makeup. Available in a variety of styles, including globes, upturned or down turned cups, strip lights work best with halogen or fluorescent bulbs.

Recessed and overhead lights

For general or task lighting, particularly above the shower or commode, recessed or overhead fixtures are generally your best bet. Depending on the light bulb and wattage you use, they can provide a soft glow or a bright light.

Wall lights

A wall light, such as a bracket or sconce, is ideal for accenting and complementing overhead lights. They can add a decorative flair to the bathroom and can also be installed beside mirrors to help reduce shadows.


Thesecan be used in all locations including the shower while semi-flush and flush fittings will illuminate the ceiling, walls and floor.

Many people might not be aware but flooring can also be highlighted with lighting tiles while bathroom mirrors and cabinets are ideal for that all-important task lighting with lights above, beside or behind the glass.

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