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Keeping Wall Tiles for Bathrooms Clean on a Budget

The bathroom is supposed to be a place of cleanliness and hygiene. After all, it is the place where you keep yourself clean. By extension it’s also a place of relaxation, a place to unwind. Naturally, all of these things are hard to do if the bathroom in question is looking a little grubby. Thus keeping your bathroom, and more specifically wall tiles for bathrooms, is essential to keeping your bathroom as a place for sound health in mind and body.

Keeping Wall Tiles for Bathrooms Clean on a Budget

How to keep wall tiles for bathrooms clean largely depends on the tile in question. Given the different materials and textures that tiles can come in, what works for some may not necessarily work for others. Knowing that distinction is a big first step.

Prepare for Cleaning

If dealing with cleaning chemicals, open all windows and make sure the room is well ventilated. That way, you should be fine with any fumes.

To protect your hand from any bleach or other cleaners, ensure that you wear gloves as well.

Finally, to protect your clothes, you may also want to consider wearing an apron or some other protective garment.

Know Your Tiles

The material of your tile will determine how exactly you clean it. Some tiles, for example, are particularly sensitive to use of certain cleaning chemicals. Meanwhile, others may require different techniques to keep them completely clean.

For example metal tiles may not respond well in particular to certain cleaning bleaches, so you should probably check the label of your products before you begin to use them. There should be a small warning label on each bottle that lists what materials it is and isn’t safe to use on. It also lists whether not you should dilute or otherwise prepare the substance first. Check especially if your wall tiles are made of natural stones, as they in particular can react in rather interesting ways with certain cleaning products.

The texture will also be a problem. Wall tiles for bathrooms with particularly rough and craggy surfaces will probably need extensive scrubbing with a brush or sponge before they can be considered to be completely clean. Always check carefully within any crannies before assuming a tile is clean.

Be Thorough

Just as you should scrub carefully within each crack on the tiles, you should do the same with each crack between them too. Carefully scrub the grout with specialised solution on a toothbrush – one you don’t actually intend to use later, of course. Scrub firmly, but don’t accidentally wear the grout away into powder. Once it’s been cleaned, you can also apply a coating of grout bleach too to restore it to a more seemly whiteness.

Clean from the top down. That was, your clean wall tiles on the bottom won’t be accidentally speckled with dirt and dust from the topmost tiles.

Always Rinse with Water

Whenever you’ve finished cleaning wall tiles for bathrooms, make sure you rinse them off afterwards with some cold water too. Doing so will help remove any residue from cleaning, as well as prevent any remaining cleaning fluids from leaving stains on the tile themselves. To prevent the water from staining in turn, wipe the tiles down with a dry cloth.

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