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Black Metro Tiles for your Home

For many households, redecorating parts of their house usually happens every six of seven years (on average), and some of the most common rooms to be redecorated and redesigned are bathrooms and kitchens. Most of the time, people do not tend to remove the main utilities of each room, like sinks, ovens, toilets and showers, but the interior decoration of the room may change. For example, the floor covering may be updated, or the walls repainted or retiled.

Black Metro Tiles for Your Home

Just like in all other rooms of the house, the way in which a room is decorated is very important. This is because it can dictate the feel of the room and ultimately, the persona of the house. Tiling is a major part of this. Depending on which type of tiles you fix to your floors and your walls, you can make you house look either very modern , or give your house a more traditional brick coloured feel to make it seem more conventional and characterful.

The colour and type of the bathroom tiles you choose can make or break the design of the bathroom, so you need to make sure you select the perfect type and design of bathroom tiles to fit to your walls. Certainly, the most important factor of tiles for bathrooms and kitchens are whether they are waterproof or not. In a kitchen or bathroom, a non-waterproof tile could allow water to seep behind the tile and cause it to fall off the wall.

Black Metro Tiles are a type of tile supplied by Crown Tiles that are designed to let the bathroom look simplistic and modern, but whose design would also work well in a much older, brick-themed house. Rectangular and black, these can be used across a wide range of kitchens and bathrooms, and with the use of white tile sealant around each tile, the design of the room in which they are used can be improved massively with them.

Black Metro Tiles are available from Crown Tiles in two sizes. Firstly, you can buy the 10 x 20cm tile set which is a traditionally standard sized tile for most bathrooms and kitchens. Alternatively, you can have a smaller version of the same tile set, at 15 x 7.5cm dimensions. Both sets of Black Metro Tiles have a standard 5mm thickness, which gives them the strength to withstand a lot of use, yet the lightness to be able to hold onto a wall well.

In order to purchase some Black Metro Tiles for your bathroom, contact Crown Tiles. Crown Tiles are a tiling specialist company which can supply a huge range of tiles to people and businesses looking to improve the design of the places they live and work in.

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