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Citrus Inspired Orange Metro Tiles

When we consider the word orange, half of us will immediately think of the citrus fruit that we eat - which acts as a great source of nutrients specifically vitamin C! The other half of us when thinking of the word orange will think to the colour itself.

Citrus Inspired Orange Metro Tiles

The colour orange is considered a warm and vibrant colour with some shades linked to the autumn months. On the colour spectrum, you will find orange situated between red and yellow. Mixing these two primary colours will create the colour orange making it a secondary colour. The shade of orange will very much depend on the intensity of the red and yellow hues. The colour orange is considered to hold a number of meanings which differ in the various cultures around the world. In Europe, the colour is seen to represent humour and is said to offer calming traits thanks to its warmth. The colour is also said to be strongly linked to creativity, enthusiasm and vitality.

With such positive attributes suggested, this colour could be a great design choice within the home. With its links to food – the origin of its name – the colour seems an obvious choice to use in the kitchen. With such a variety of shades to choose from, there are many different design options available from daring full wall painting through to splashes of colour which could be in the form of orange metro tiles.

Orange metro tiles can add a splash of colour to your kitchen whilst still offering a sleek finish. For those who are looking for the wow factor, choosing to tile the whole kitchen with orange metro tiles may be just the answer. Alternatively, for those who are not quite so brave, using these tiles as a splash back for a hob or to add a decorative edge to a more subtle tile design could still be a great way to incorporate this warming colour.

If you are thinking of using the colour orange as part of your redecoration design and are considering orange metro tiles to add a splash of warm colour, please visit the website of Crown Tiles. Alternatively, you can call 0800 156 0756 to speak with a member of the team about orange metro tiles or any other tiles from the company’s range.

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