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Contemporary Design using Metro Tiles

When restyling your home, there are a number of different design ideas that could be used. This could be anything from gothic – using pointed arches and deep colour palates – through to the slightly unusual retro style or even traditional designs such as ‘French country ‘style. All designs ideas can be given that little twist to meet individual tastes but act as a great starting point to build any room resign from.

Contemporary Design Using Metro Tiles

One style idea that is popular and simple to achieve is contemporary. This interior style promotes sleek finishes often with ‘pops’ of colour. Lines are often curved but still very clean cut in this type of design and uses geometric shapes as part of its definition. Contemporary design also encourages simplicity and, importantly, takes a ‘less is more’ approach to finishing touches. If you are looking to create a contemporary bathroom or kitchen, metro tiles could be used to add sleek lines and – for the brave – splashes of vibrant colour which is associated with this decorating style. These tiles can then act as a statement piece in their own right - creating walled artwork, showcased for all to see.

Metro tiles – named so because of their historic use in underground stations - are rectangular in shape and have bevelled edges which create an extra dimensional effect. Metro tiles usually come in a variety of colours from pure white through to energetic oranges, yellows and lime greens. These wall tiles could be used across a whole wall or could be used to add an edgy border tor centre design. For those looking for a true contemporary feel, using coloured metro tiles for ‘splash back’ areas is an ideal way to add colour to the room’s palate without the colour becoming overpowering .This would work well in a smaller rooms.

If you are looking at redesigning your kitchen or bathroom with a contemporary feel and would like to view a vast range of metro tiles, please visit the website of Crown Tiles. If you have further questions or would just like to discuss your requirements with a member of the team, simply call 0800 156 0756 and a member of the Crown tiles team will be happy to help.

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