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DC Comics Bathroom Tiles

DC Comics are a famous entertainment company who are responsible for the manufacture of many iconic and popular superheroes and characters. The stories told by DC Comics are spread throughout all forms of media and across the world, through comics, toys, film and television, games and home entertainment. As a result of this famous work, the fanbase behind each and every one of their characters is truly massive. Perhaps the most famous of all their characters are the ones who have had many blockbuster movies made to their name. They are of course, Batman and Superman.

If you feel you want to have even more of these characters involved in your life, why not choose to be blessed to with the welcome of either Batman or Superman’s (or even both) icon every morning in your home? With an extensive range of tiles available for each character, the possibilities are endless when it comes to designing the perfect pattern of superhero tiles across your walls.


The DC Comics Bathroom Tiles’ superman tiles are based around the colours red, blue and white. To start with, there is a selection of six block coloured tiles, of two different sizes. Three of the tiles are square, with dimensions of 33 x 33cm in the red, white and blue colours. The same colours of tiles are then repeated for the next three tiles, which are rectangular shaped, with dimensions of 60 x 27cm. On top of this, to make up the remaining three tiles of the nine tile collection, are the three comic-style DC Comics bathroom tiles, which are all made to look like tiles from the comic strips made by DC Comics. The dimensions of these are also 60 x 27cm, but are made as part of a panel. Each image covers one panel, and one panel has either two or three tiles of dimension 60x 27cm. The three images show superman either flying past some skyscrapers, flying through some clouds in his traditional pose, or pulling the same pose whilst flying away from an explosion.


The Batman tiles are very similar to the collection of DC Comics bathroom tiles that were made for Superman. The block colour tiles are the same, with the colours being red, white and blue, and in the same dimensions as the superman collection of tiles. In addition to these, two other batman images are available on panels of tiles – one being three tiles next to each other, the other being just two. One shows batman on a jetski, the other shows batman and robin swinging from a rope over a city.

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