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How Foil Underfloor Heating Systems Can Save you Heat and Money

It’s a well known fact in domestic economics that a lot of energy is lost in a home through heat escaping the various rooms in the house. This leaves a number of issues for the average homeowner, especially as the house gets bigger. The larger the rooms, the easier it is for heat to escape. Materials the building uses, too, can influence how much heat is lost. Fortunately there are various strategies to help retain heat within the home, and foil underfloor heating systems are included among the most effective and the cheapest.

How Foil Underfloor Heating Systems Can Save you Heat and Money

A lot of heat can be lost through two areas of your home, the floor and the roof. This is because these two areas generally have the largest overall surface area of the home, and as such leave plenty of space for heat to seep through. The walls, in general, tend to be thick enough and covered enough to prevent this. The ceiling’s insulation is a concern that this article will not deal with, so we’ll focus on the floor for now.

The first thing you can do is lay down a carpet. This on its own insulates the floor to a significant degree, keeping heat trapped and preventing heat and energy loss. However this isn’t practical for all areas of the house, such as bathrooms or kitchens.

Foil underfloor heating systems are a very practical solution to the problem. Essentially it’s a layer of foil laid down beneath the floor, usually under the tiles or floorboards. As we all may remember from secondary school science classes, foil reflects and insulates heat, and as a result this can increase the amount the floor can retain several score fold. It’s exceedingly cheap and easy to install, and can be easily done during a general redecoration of the room.

So how do foil underfloor heating systems work? How do they save you money?

Basically, the more heat the room retains, the less frequently you’ll need to run the heating to make up for lost energy. During the winter and other cold snaps, the costs of heating your home can drive some families into austerity measures very quicklu, and thus strategies that can help you become less dependant on your central heating are invaluable. The more heat a room can keep from escaping, the less frequently you’ll need to run the heating again to make up for lost heat.

Therefore, it is very easy to see how foil underfloor heating systems can assist you in not only keeping your house cosy, but saving you a substantial amount of money on heating.

The mere fact that you’re having to use less energy to heat your home also greatly reduces your carbon footprint too, and thus gives help in some small way to preserving the environment. So not only is foil underfloor heating very economic, it’s very green too. The world’s climate thanks you!

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