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Gloss Wall Tiles

Gloss Wall Tiles are tiles that have got a gloss finish coating the ceramic design of the tiles. Most tiles commonly have a gloss finish that is used to both waterproof the tiles that are used and make them look even better and shiny. The waterproofing is an important feature if you are going to be using the tiles in the bathroom or kitchen, where they are likely to get wet relatively often. If a normal ceramic tile gets wet, the ceramic could get moist an become less strong, and therefore not stay rigid on the wall. As well as this, if water gets behind the ceramic tile, the sealant which holds it onto the wall can also moisten, and cause the tile to fall off under its own weight. The result of this is broken tile and a damp and potentially damaged wall (if plaster was pulled off at the same time).

Gloss Wall Tiles

Some statistics appear to show that most British households change their bathrooms in major terms at least once in about ten years, so if yours is somehow overdue, it may be worth using now as the opportunity to consider replacing the tiles in your bathroom with Gloss Wall Tiles.

As well as making sure you have the right type of tile in your bathroom, the colour and style of the bathroom tiles you use is important, because if they are going to go on the wall of the room, they will influence the overall design of the room quite a lot. At Crown Tiles, there is a huge selection of gloss wall tiles to choose from, with lots of small mosaic-type tiles being available, right through to the large, modern-looking block colour tiles. In order to make sure that you select the correct colour and style of tile for your room, it may be a good idea to order some sample tiles before you make a purchase. This is recommended because it means you don’t have the embarrassment of buying many tiles of the wrong type and not knowing what to do with them.

At Crown Tiles, almost of the tiles that they sell are coated with gloss finish. Certainly, the wall tiles they offer are all suitable for the bathroom or kitchen, so they are waterproof and durable. If you would like to purchase some tiles from Crown Tiles, contact them at crowntiles.co.uk

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