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Hessian Tiles

Tiles are a key statement in a home; if you want a modern looking home then the type of tile you use is important. You can spend a long time looking at different types of tiles in different shops, this article will talk about a type of tile perfect for the modern home and where you can buy online, save money and time.

Hessian tile

A tile which is perfect for this type of interior and one you may not have thought about before is the Hessian Tile. The Hessian Tile has a smooth satin finish but with a textured Hessian-style appearance, the colour of the tile is normally neutral which can be easily incorporated into contemporary living spaces, kitchens or bathrooms. The collection is from Johnson Tiles and it provides a tranquil and calm backdrop for a modern home.

 Walls and Floors are an online company who sell Hessian tiles and have four different types in the range. They have a beige and brown floor and wall tiles; you are able to order samples of the Hessian Tiles with free delivery so you can see how the tile would fit into your home. The tiles can range in price but the floor styles are now £20.75 and wall tiles £19.95 per square metre. Visit the website wallsandfloors.co.uk to find out more.

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