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Installing Cork Tiles

cork tilesCork is a great material for floor tiles for a number of reasons. It has durable, eco-friendly properties as well as being comfortable to stand on, you will not be disappointed with your purchase decision. When it comes to installing cork tiles you must make sure the tiles are done in the correct way so that you can enjoy all the benefits for as long as possible without causing accidents. Here are a few pointers that will help you to achieve this:

You will need:

  • Cork Tiles (obviously)
  • Cork adhesive
  • Pencil or chalk marker
  • Paint tray for the adhesive
  • Rollers
  • Either a soft rubber mallet or a hammer over a thick card layer or a book.
  • Knife and safety ruler, gloves and dust mask.
  • Cutting page and Goggles
  • 100lb heavy roller or alternative

Cork tile Installation instructions:

Firstly, make sure the floor is well suited and prepared for tiles be laid down upon. The surface needs to be even and flat as this can affect the finish of the tiles and reduce aesthetic appeal and functionality. Ensure you have researched into which compound you should use to fill in cracks or gouges.

When the floor is prepared, find out where the first floor tile should be laid. Dry fit the tile and mark out the area with your chosen marker. The tiles need to be parallel with the wall or the tile arrangement will be ruined and you will be forced to cut tiles un-necessarily. Apply the adhesive both on the tile and the area of the floor that it is to be placed on, using the roller. The trick is to wait until the roller has become transparent yet still sticky before applying. Using the rubber mallet, slightly tap the tile to secure it in place. Repeat the proccess for all the tiles until the whole tiling area is covered. Every hour, make sure you roll down the tiles again to secure the tiles.

Lining up tiles requires a bit of cutting. When lining along walls or in corners, cut the tiles so that they fit snuggly with a small amount of give. Make sure you measure correctly before cutting and always take the appropriate safety measures.

Leave the tiles to set for 24 houses and then you are ready to start your new life with you kitchen floor tiles. Enjoy!

Please note that although cork is a durable material, if is soft and can easily be punctured with some pressure from high heels of legs of heavy furniture. You may to bring a no shoe rule into enforcement, ensuring that you place covers on the feed of any furniture.

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