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How Kitchen Tiles Add to Home Resale Value

Owning a home is considered by many who rent to be one of the end game results of being an adult. You go to college, get a degree, get a good job, and get a good house. However the sad reality of owning a home is that you may have to hunt around a bit to find your dream house, and in the meantime that means making sure you current house gets as much as you can on the property market. Decorating your kitchen with effective use of kitchen tiles is one of the key ways you can boost how much you get from your home when you sell it on.

How Kitchen Tiles Add to Home Resale Value

Now bear in mind this is not the only means of boosting your home’s value on the housing market. There are dozens of other tricks and tips that can also help immensely. However tiles are a very cheap and effective way of giving your home’s net worth a much needed kick up the backdoor.

Beauty has Value

The main way a good set of kitchen tiles can improve the overall value of your home is actually very simple and straight forward: it makes the house look nice. Now how a house looks will play a very big part in how much an estate agent can reasonably extract from it, and how much prospective buyers are willing to pay.

After all, who is going to want to spend money to live in a house that looks as though a bomb has been set off inside it? In that respect, never underestimate the importance of your house’s overall aesthetics.

Your kitchen tiles should, as much as possible, utilise highly attractive and fashionable designs. There are many resources online and offline that can help you choose a winning household design, from websites to home design magazines, so you should never be wanting for inspiration.

The materials you use will also have an impact on the final value your home will have on resale. In general, more expensive materials will add higher value, such as glass mosaics or natural stone. Using this materials can sometimes double or even triple the overall value of the room. Plastics, being a cheap mass-produced material, will often add the least value to your home upon being installed in the kitchen. Ceramics straddle the middle, and you may find them the most cost-effective material to use tile for tile.

Build to Last

Never install kitchen tiles that you know won’t last more than a year or two. Shoddily made or placed tiles will add nothing to your home’s final value. If anything, the prospect of extensive redecorating after purchase may lower your home’s value. As such, whenever you install kitchen tiles you should do so with the intention of making them last.

Install your tiles properly, paying very careful attention to details such as their material, the installation process and the wall upon which they’re being affixed. If you find you’re having difficulty setting the kitchen up, there’s no shame in hiring a professional to come in to do it for you. The expense of a professional hire may well be offset by the final value of your kitchen afterwards.

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