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Cleaner Kitchen Wall Tiles And Surfaces Made Easier

Your kitchen is one of the areas of the house where good hygiene is not a suggestion, but a very strict rule. While you should always strive to keep every area of the house as clean as possible, it is in the kitchen where a lack of hygiene can be most problematic. In order to better preserve the health of your family and any visiting friends, it is essential you keep your kitchen wall tiles and surfaces as clean as possible. Doing so will better protect them from disease and illness, and in general promote the overall health and happiness of the household.

Cleaner Kitchen Wall Tiles And Surfaces Made Easier

Fortunately cleaning a kitchen is a none-too-difficult task. Modern cleaning solutions and detergents mean that the war against germs is almost entirely one-sided, and you can restore your kitchen to a perfectly acceptable standard of hygiene in as little as half an hour’s cleaning. Of course, the longer the intervals between each cleaning session, the more work that will be needed.

Clean thoroughly, clean regularly.

Start first and foremost with areas that receive most contact with food. This will include the inside of your fridge, the cooker and the microwave. The two main reasons for this are both simple and interlinked -- this is where the food will be placed, and this is where germs are most likely to be spread by said food.

Simply squirting the surfaces with anti-bacterial cleaning solution is enough to keep most areas clean. Also make sure you clean any kitchen wall tiles that may from time to time be splattered with food, such as the backsplash of a cooker. Even if you can’t see any evident stains, this will be another area where germs can collect and spread. If you lack any dedicated anti-bacterial solutions, simply washing the surface down with warm, soapy water will do. The main thing is to ensure that any surface stains, visible or not, are removed. Anti-bacterial spray will do a more thorough job, however. 

Make sure that you wipe the top most parts of the cooker or microwave first. This will cause crumbs and other debris to fall to the bottom, allowing you to sweep them out afterwards.

When cleaning your kitchen wall tiles, make sure you scrub carefully yet vigorously between each tile. By so doing you can prevent any build up of grime that may be developing within the grout. A simple solution of vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and warm water will be enough to both cleanse the grout whilst also restoring some of its whiteness. If using kitchen wall tiles with pitted, grooved, or textured surfaces, make sure you get between each nook and cranny. Using an old toothbrush will get into more areas than a mere brush, but avoid wire-brushes or scouring pads. Those will scratch and damage the tile.

Ensure your kitchen sink is also cleaned regularly. Scrub out the wash basin free of any build up of grime, remove any obstructions from the plug. Also make sure that you regularly replace your dishcloth and sponges, and that brushes or scours are kept clean.

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