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Kitchen Floor Tiles to make your House a Home

Choosing your kitchen floor tiles is more important than some people realise. The effect floor tiles can have on the overall look and feel is dramatic especially when it comes to spending the majority of your time.

Kitchen Floor Tiles to make your House a Home

Kitchen floor tiles make a statement for the rest of the kitchen. You will need an idea of the colour, finish of your   kitchen from worktops to wall tiles. You then have the luxury of choosing how best to coordinate these with your kitchen floor tiles.

Your kitchen floor tiles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes and materials. Another point one needs to consider is the practicality as you’re likely to spill and break a variety of things. Therefore choosing a hardwearing and durable tile is key to have a floor that lasts the test of time.

One popular material for kitchen tiles being, ceramic tiling. Coming in various colours, textures and patterns giving you room to create a unique and personal look. One advantage for ceramic flooring is having a protective layer resting over the material, making them impervious to water and stains. Not only that but if you do decide to drop your roast dinner over your new kitchen floor tiles, ceramic tiles provide a protection against high temperatures. Just try not to make a habit of it!

One of only few downsides to ceramic is their inherent cold nature. Coming into your kitchen in the morning only to be met by a touch of frost on your toes, isn’t the ideal way to start the day. If only you put those slippers on that you got for Christmas.

Don’t despair though because if you are choosing your kitchen floor tiles. There is a way to counter those cold mornings. Crown tiles have a wide range of under floor heating to leave your feet warm and toasty while you enjoy your favourite cup of Earl Grey.

Another option to take into consideration is porcelain kitchen floor tiles.

Due to its remarkable resistance, porcelain is the natural choice for areas in the kitchen. The durability to stand the test of time compared to ceramic is significant. Being a denser material, ceramic is more prone to moisture and eventual cracking than the porcelain. If well maintained a good quality porcelain tile can last 10-20 years longer if well maintained.

In truth the differences between both tiles are slim however, if your budget allows chose porcelain. For the simple fact that your kitchen floor tiles will see many more birthdays, graduations and dinner parties than ceramic tiling.

Either way, making a decision on your kitchen floor will define your kitchen and help make your house a home. 

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