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Use Kitchen Wall Tiles to Give More Style to your Kitchen

Kitchen Wall Tiles are tiles which are usually fitted to the walls of a kitchen, especially where it is likely that the walls could be splashed with water, or get dirty (for example, around the washing up sink, and near the oven and work-surface). Kitchen Wall tiles are different to any other form of normal wall tile because incorporated in the design of a kitchen wall tile is the need for the tile to be easy to clean and be waterproof.

Use Kitchen Wall Tiles to Give More Style to your Kitchen

The way this is done is by fitting a see through gloss covering to the tile, so that water cannot penetrate through and damage the tile. The gloss finish also makes cleaning the Kitchen Wall Tile much easier, as the smooth surface is now wipe-clean.

As well as this, wall tiles for use in the kitchen and bathroom are much more durable and strong than other wall tiles, because they are more frequently at risk of being damaged, and due to their continuous exposure to possible water damage, they need to be durable enough to not let water get behind them and push them off the wall.

Kitchen and bathroom tiles are basically the same tiles; the only difference you’ll find between them are the designs on them. Given that the environments of the kitchen and the bathroom are very similar, the tiles for each room are interchangeable, as both rooms need tiles to be waterproof, durable, and not likely to fall off regularly.

The main way in which water damage can occur to a tile set and wall is through the grouting not being applied correctly when the tiles are fitted. It is a good idea to get a professional to fit your tiles, unless you know exactly what you’re doing. If the grouting is bad, and water gets behind the tiles, the plaster and sealant on the wall can become damp and you it may no longer be able to hold the weight of the tile—the tile would fall off the wall.

If you need to purchase some Kitchen Wall Tiles for your newly refurbished kitchen or bathroom, visit the Crown Tiles website at crowntiles.co.uk or phone them on 0800 156 0756.

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