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Tips for Purchasing Floor Tiles for Kitchens

When it comes to purchasing floor tiles for kitchens it’s important to know that these come in a large selection suitable for use throughout your home, including ceramic, porcelain and natural stone.

Tips for Purchasing Floor Tiles for Kitchens

Here are some tips for purchasing floor tiles for your kitchen:

  • If you have small children, are elderly or have a disability which makes it difficult to move around its important to invest in anti-slip floor tiles for your kitchen as they are an important safety aspect in the home.
  • By choosing light colours such as cream, beige or white can make a small dark room feel and look bigger and brighter.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours by creating some unique effects on your kitchen floor. Remember that you can order free samples at a number of DIY retailers and tiles specialists like Tile Choice.
  • Never compromise the quality of your floor tiles, good quality tiles can be picked up for good prices.  
  • Make sure you purchase an extra 5-10% more tiles than you actually need so this allows the tiler to compensate for cuts and breakages.
  • Always make sure you choose a tile grout colour that compliments your tiles to help blend in grout lines. The benefits of choosing a shade that is too light means that you can use strong cleaners on it without having to worry about ruining the colour, but it will also show the stains and dirt more visibly. Darker tones, will hide the stains and the dirt, but are prone to fade over time, especially if treated with harsh cleaners. Many DIY experts advise customers to choose tones like grey, beige or tan, which won’t lose their colours as fast as darker shades as well as hiding the dirt pretty well.
  • If your floor needs a lot of tile cuts (i.e. around fixtures/fittings), choose smaller tiles to give a better flow.
  • Make sure you check that the floor tile wear rating (PEI rating) is suitable for your intended area/use.
  • When choosing your kitchen floor tiles you might want to consider a hard wearing tile which is suitable for lots of traffic.
  • Deciding which kitchen floor tiles to choose with Tile Choice is easy, not only can you order sample tiles but these also come with free delivery. 

For more information call one of the team at Tile Choice free on 0800 1 560 560 or visit your local store.

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