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Matting systems for Underfloor Heating in your Home

Matting systems for Underfloor Heating in your Home

Underfloor heating is a fantastic way of keeping you and your family warm during the autumn and winter months.

It is quick to install and virtually everybody can have it without major alterations to their homes. The wiring is completely covered by the mesh and blankets, so that it is very quick to fit.

Once you have chosen which room you would like to install the underfloor heating matting system, all you need to do is remove your existing flooring, unroll the matt to cover the area and then cover it over with tiles. The matt has a self-adhesive backing to it, so it doesn’t move or shift around before it is tiled into place. We recommend that an electrician fits your thermostat and ensures it is working safely prior to our visit.

The underfloor heating matting system raises the floor by a total of about 4mm, so you don’t need to be concerned whether other family members might no longer fit under the ceiling! Underfloor heating is also silent and cost-effective. Since heat and thermal energy rises upwards, heating mats have the advantage that they disseminate warmth from lower down than standard radiators or heating panels.

Heating mats are composed of a capillary tube mat which are highly effective and efficient at transmitting energy. In order to achieve a specific temperature within a room through the means of heating via an underfloor heating matting system, the flow temperatures within the capillary tube mat need only be a couple of degrees higher. This means that it is energy-efficient and saves you customers money.

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