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Mosaic Tiles to Suit all Design Ideas

Mosaic tiles can be used in both the bathroom and the kitchen to add that little something different to the design of the room. Used as a border, across a full wall or as a splash back, mosaic tiles could create something that it truly unique to your home. With a variety of colours, styles and materials to choose from, these tiles make for an interesting and intricate design.

So which mosaic tile should you choose?

Mosaic Tiles to Suit all Designs

Mosaic tiles have long since been made from ceramic. This traditional material is usually glazed and baked to produce the tile product often used today. This process also allows for colour to be stained onto the tile. Ceramic tiles are extremely hard wearing and are non-porous, making them ideal for both bathrooms are kitchen areas which are two rooms in continuous use within the home. Ceramic mosaic tiles are available in a variety of shapes not just the traditional squares usually associated with such a tile.

For a more modern decor, mosaic tiles are also available in glass and metal effect finishes. These tiles can be used to bring texture into the room and are perfect for a contemporary finish. Glass tiles are available in an array of finishes including translucent and frosted; giving greater options when choosing your design. They are also very eye catching and could be used as part of a central feature within the room. Metal effect tiles
 are all about sleek lines and a ‘minimal’ appearance – perfect for an ultra-modern design. These tiles need little maintenance and are extremely easy to clean making them ideal in the food spilling hub that is a kitchen!

If you are looking for that something a little bit different when considering mosaic tiles, pebble tiles could be just the answer. This design idea goes back as far as Bronze Age, when pebbles were used to create motifs and other artwork that can still be seen today. Unlike the ‘traditional’ square tiles that we might associate with mosaic patterns, pebble tiles use asymmetric pebble shaped stones. These tiles could create a very natural feel to a bathroom especially if used with organic colours and with the use of plants – creating a ‘spa’ like sanctuary within the home. 

Choosing the right tile that is in-keeping with your design ideas could not be easier with the wide variety of choice, ensuring you can find what you are looking for. Mosaic tiles today are also relatively easy to lay with some even designed with a web backing, linking multiple tiles together and forming one ‘larger tile’. This could reduce the efforts when retiling, making for a quick and effective way to change the look of your kitchen or bathroom.

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