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Brighten your Home with Natural Stone Tiles

Homes with limited windows often appear darker and smaller because of the lack of natural light. Without adding additional windows which can be a costly alteration, it is sometimes hard to make homes feel brighter and spacious. Cleverly implemented decoration techniques using light colours and natural materials could help improve the feeling of space and could turn even dark and dingy feeling rooms into light and spacious dwellings.

Brighten your Home with Natural Stone Tiles

Lightly coloured natural stone tiles can be used on wall and floor throughout the hope to give the perception of a larger and brighter space. These tiles give a softer finish that can balance a rooms dimensions. Using in spaces such as small down stairs toilets or even in porches could make a visible difference in the ‘openness’ of the space whilst still offering a modern design – and at a fraction of the cost of putting in additional windows.

Natural stone tiles can be made from many different types of stone including quartz and limestone, giving you great choice when considering tiling as a decorative feature. Used on the floor, they could make corridors feel wider, thanks to the softer colours and finish. If looked after well, these tiles are also very durable and can be a very versatile material to work with, giving you more scope when designing a room including adding patterns and variations in colour.

This method of using light and natural colours has long since been used as a clever ‘trick of the eye’ for even the smallest of spaces and is a great alternative to larger, more costly construction work.

If you are looking to retile your home, whether that being the walls or floors, and would like to view a unique range of natural stone tiles that may compliment your home perfectly, please visit the website of Crown Tiles. If you would like additional advise on how best to lay natural stone tiles, different design ideas or would like further information on the product or delivery options, please call a member of the Crown Tiles team by dialling 0800 156 0756 now. 

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