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Replacing Swimming Pool Tiles

Replacing and repairing pool tiles is more than possible both above and even below the waterline, provided you use the right tools and techniques. You’ll need a tube of adhesive caulk in order to do this successfully. Read on for a quick how-to guide.

With any luck you’ve managed to save the displaced swimming pool tiles, or you have matching replacement ones on hand. Clean them as well as possible without breaking them, paying particular attention to getting as much cement off the back of the old tiles as you can. This can sometimes be done in a dishwasher but it is safer to do this by hand. To clean off old suntan oils and similar debris you can use cigarette lighter fluid squirted onto the back and then left to dry without wiping.

Lay out your replacement swimming pool tiles as close as possible to where they are going to be installed so you can get to them quickly. Make sure you don’t touch the back of the tiles as if you do you’ll get fingerprint oils on them which affects how well they stick. Once you start applying the adhesive make sure you move quickly as most replacement tile adhesives will dry extremely quickly.

Follow the directions on the adhesive tube to get going. Once the material is emerging from the nozzle you can lay a bead around the outside back face of each swimming pool tile. Be sure to leave about one quarter of an inch gap from the edge so that trapped water can escape after the tile is pressed in place, especially if the tile is going under the waterline.

Ensure you have sufficient adhesive to finish replacing all the missing tiles. After a day or two of leaving the replaced swimming pool tiles to settle you can go back and use more of the adhesive caulk to fill in the gap between the tiles, essentially using it as a filler grout. It is best to use some rubber gloves if you need to wipe the beading off, as if you get any on your hands it can take a long time to wear off.

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