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Porcelain Gloss Tiles

Porcelain Gloss Tiles is a term used to cover a vast range of tiles for use on the walls of houses. As their name suggests, they are made of porcelain and are covered in glossy finish, which is used to waterproof the tiles further, so that they are less likely to fall of the wall if they get wet. This feature makes them ideal for use in the bathrooms or kitchen of a person’s house. The majority of British households change their bathroom designs at least once every ten years, so if yours is overdue, it may be worth taking the opportunity to redecorate now.

Porcelain Gloss Tiles

The style of tiles in your bathroom and kitchen is very important, because in most examples, the amount of proportionate wall space that the tiles take up is very large, so their colour and designs can be a huge factor in the how the whole aesthetics of the room feel. It is possible to buy almost any style of tile from Crown Tiles, so whether you want to fit lots of small mosaic tiles to your bathroom, or larger, more modern-looking tiles, it is completely up to you.

If you’re worried about the getting the colours wrong when you buy a tile set, you can always order samples of several tiles. These are either free or very low cost.  Alternatively, if you can match the colour of the tiles you buy to the colour of any curtains, doors or other furnishings in the room, you’re off to a good start. By properly matching colours, it is hard to make the room actually look poorly designed. An example of this could be in an old-fashioned home, a brownish or cream set of tiles with a design on would look good, and in a much more modern house, a very clean white on a large tile would make the bathroom look just as modern as the rest of the house.

If you are looking into buying some Porcelain Gloss Tiles for your bathroom or kitchen, you can find some at Crown Tiles, a tiling specialist company that can supply many types of tiles for your needs.

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