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Tanami Cream Floor Tiles

Many households in Britain decide to redecorate parts of their house every six years or so, and one of the most commonly updated rooms in British households is the bathroom, followed by the kitchen. These are rooms that are in almost constant use by people, so they are usually the first to show signs of wear and tear. In order to make sure that your new bathroom or kitchen looks good, you need to make sure the tiling looks good in both rooms.

Tanami Cream Floor Tiles from Crown Tiles

Wall tiles are important for making a bathroom or kitchen look good, because they are something that can always be seen by anyone who comes into the room. However, the same also applies to the floor. If you have chosen not to put down a carpet or lino, the main remaining option to have in your kitchen or bathroom would be floor tiles. These are essentially tiles that are larger and much stronger than those found on the walls of rooms, although is say, these Tanami Cream Floor Tiles are able to be mounted on the walls of you bathroom, should you want to have a wraparound décor in the room.

If you are solely fitting the Tanami Floor Tiles to the floor and not the wall, you firstly need to make sure that they will look good with the rest of the furniture and furnishings in the room, like curtains, wall colours and doors. The Tanami Cream Floor Tiles are, as their name suggests, a cream coloured tile, of dimensions 60x30x0.8cm. This makes them quite large for a tile set, but if they’re designed to be fitted to the floor as well as the wall, they need to be large so that they can be stronger. The same applies to their thickness, which is greater than usual, but allows them to be stronger to hold the weight of people standing on them.

If you are keen on obtaining some Tanami Cream Floor Tiles for your kitchen or bathroom, you can contact Crown Tiles, a tile specialist which stocks Tanami Cream Floor Tiles for you to purchase.

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