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Why Use Cork Floor Tiles?

Domestic Cork TilesCork is quickly becoming a popular material for use when selecting your floor tiles for your home or office. Cheap, handsome and durable, it can quickly make you wonder why you bothered with anything else. But what are the exact benefits for using cork floor tiles?

First and foremost is that cork is a completely natural material, much like wood or stone. This means that tiles made from cork are just that -- made from cork. Beyond the adhesive you’d use to secure to the floor you can be safely assured that there are not additional chemicals or materials for those with sensitive allergies. It is also resistant to mould or dust. Using natural cork tiles also mean that, should there be an accident and the tiles are burned, all you’d get is natural wood smoke and not chemical fumes. That said, cork is quite resistant to fire damage anyway. Likewise the natural elasticity and sponginess of cork tiles mean that it is quite comfortable to walk on, which also incidentally makes it especially comfortable to stand on for prolonged periods. Cork’s natural bounce also makes it very durable. You can drop what you like onto them and they will not split or shatter easily. All of those qualities make it ideal for kitchen tiles, where accidents can be quite common and you need a tile that can withstand damage when you need it most.

For further comfort, cork floor tiles also have an advantage in their natural insulation. Even during particularly hot or cold days, your floor tiles are guaranteed to be at roughly room temperature. Cork is also non-conductive, which means that it is resistant to static charges and will not give you unpleasant jolts or tingling you’re wearing socks or slippers. Unlike harder materials, the soft nature of cork tiles also make them very sound absorbent, so you don’t have to worry about echoes and clamour if you use them as kitchen tiles or anywhere in your household.

All in all cork tiles are a cheap, effective and organic way to spruce up your home and preserve it against all kinds of ailments and hassles. For a wide range of cork tiles for your home, visit www.wallsandfloors.co.uk today.

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