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Outdoor Carpet Tiles

Outdoor TilesCarpets are, admittedly, an unusual choice for material when it comes to decorating your patio or garden decking. After all, wouldn’t all that fabric get rather soggy when it rained or when the weather was damp in general? And wouldn’t the sun make the colours fade over time? To say nothing of the mud and dirt that could accumulate on it. Well, you’d actually be mistaken there. In actuality, carpet tiles are a very cheap, easy and effective way of covering up flaws and damage on your patio and decking and adding a bit of flare to your garden in general. Even those not inclined towards Do-It-Yourself activity will find installing them as easy as tripping over one’s shoelaces.

Most usually outdoor floor tiles are used an awful lot like area rugs, usually to cover up spoiled or damaged ceramic and stone tiles beneath them. They can also be used to accentuate a particular area of your garden, such as a dining area, the inside of a gazebo or the space surrounding a pool.

Such tiles come in a very wide array of colours, designs and textures, allowing you to mix and match to your heart’s content. The amount of versatility available to your designs is very much staggering, so feel free to be choosy. For example, why not consider two colours that you may create a patchwork or checkerboard effect to spruce up your garden? External tiles may also come with special UV protection, which is essential to guard them from the sun’s rays. All good quality tiles should be thick, come with in-built pads and be of fairly thick weave. You should expect them to be able to withstand a fair bit of punishment, so feel free to enquire when purchasing whether the tile you’re looking at would last long if placed outdoors. Wallsandfloors.co.uk, for example, has a wide variety of tiles for purchase, as well as equipment for cleaning, repairing and installing them.

When placing down your tiles, be sure to use an adhesive to keep them in place. A good many tiles now come with adhesive already in place; simply remove the paper backing and lay them down where you wish. Outdoor carpet tiles are quickly becoming a very popular means of decorating and improving on one’s garden. Get stuck in while they’re still hot!

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