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Painting Tiles

Plain Coloured TilesPainting over your tiles is a very cheap and very creative way of redecorating your kitchen or bathroom without the expense, hassle and time needed to install completely new tiles. Painting kitchen and bathroom tiles requires, primarily, good quality paint, but also preparation and a good technique.

Safety first: always make sure that the room you are painting in is well ventilated (many paints let off fumes) and always cover any furniture you don’t want to get paint on. For carpets, lay down an old sheet and tuck it up against the wall to prevent paint from getting onto it.

Usually painting over tiles requires an undercoat to help the paint stick and ensure a thick, complete coating, however there are some brands that can be applied directly. While they’ll work perfectly well, you may find that their colour range is limited, so keep this in mind when planning. Otherwise, you’ll have to use a primer, with the paint itself followed by a water- or oil-based gloss or eggshell to give it a professional sheen. If you are using a special tile-paint, ensure that you follow the instructions given on the container carefully. If you are using any other kind of paints, place down one layer of primer onto the tile, gently sand it down, and then apply a second layer before getting started with the paints. Apply the paint and gloss in even, steady strokes with your brush. Apply too much and your tiles will feel and look uneven and messy.

Remember to wash down afterwards thoroughly with sugar soap to remove any grease or dirt on the tiles, allowing it to dry completely while also ensuring the grout is dry.

Speaking of grout, if it looks damaged before you start painting, ensure that it is removed before anything else -- feel free to check out our grout removal articles to see how this can be done. Once the grout has been removed, paint it over and reapply the grout. Doing this will provide the most satisfying finish. If the grout looks fine, however, then simply paint over it.

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