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Under Tile Heating

If that cold winter weather is still biting, have you considered under tile heating? It is one of the most efficient and economical ways to keep rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom heated.

Floor tiles can sometimes feel cold and unwelcoming in the kitchen and bathroom during the cold winter months. Under tile heating gives a wonderful level of comfort and luxury to these rooms of the house.

under tile heating

Under tile heating is really quick and simple to install and cheap to run. Many people think it is an expensive luxury but it actually costs relatively little and can make a big difference to the comfort of your home.

Under floor tile heating consists of mats with integrated wires that heat up gently when turned on. The heated mats can be easily controlled by a thermostat. It is a safe and simple way of heating a room.  

So next time you are having new tiles laid in your kitchen or bathroom, you can consider under tile heating as an option to keep your rooms warm in winter. It can be used under both wood floors and tiled floors and is relatively inexpensive.

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