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Tuscany Tiles Range

If you’re looking into redecorating your bathroom or kitchen in the next few weeks, it is a good idea to make sure you replace the tiles in your rooms as well. This is something that some families do every six or seven years. As well as changing the main utilities in the bathroom, like showers and baths, sinks and toilets, the tiling in the room is something that often needs replacing after six or seven years.

Tuscany Tiles Range from Crown Tiles

A very important aspect of replacing tiles is making sure that they fit in with the aesthetics of the whole room. Tile design and tile colour are especially significant in checking the tiles fit in with the room you’re working with. It is also very important to make sure that the tiles you buy to replace the existing ones are marked as bathroom tiles; this is because bathroom tiles are given a waterproof coating, which will prevent any splashes of water from dampening in the sealant and will therefore stop the tiles from falling off the wall.

Tuscany Tiles are a type of bathroom tile provided by Crown Tiles, which are recognisable from their traditional rectangular shape, with an embossed curve around each edge, so that along the whole covered, the tile can form a very subtle wave, flowing in and out of the wall.

All the tiles in the Tuscany Tiles range are made from ceramic, which is a suitable tile material, because it is very strong and secure on the wall.  Again, all the tiles are given a matt coating, which depending on your taste can make the tiles look a lot more professional and modern, whilst keeping moisture from the bathroom away from the sealant and other adhesives. At 33x25cm, they are larger than the average size bathroom tiles that people buy, but at the moment, the trends in bathroom design show that popularity is increasing for the larger tiles, because they look a lot more modern than their smaller counterparts.

If you would like to buy some Tuscany Tiles for your bathroom or kitchen, you can order some from Crown Tiles, a large tiling distributor, which sells many other tiles for you home as well as Tuscany Tiles.

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