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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a method of providing heating to a property or larger building, where the use of radiators is somewhat flawed. For example, in buildings with large rooms that need heating, it would make sense the heating in those rooms to be underfloor, because the effect of a conventional radiator (fixed to a wall) would be very minimal. This is because any hot air would simply rise to the ceiling before it reached the centre of the room.Underfloor Heating

However, with underfloor heating, the hot pipes can travel beneath the floorboards and heat up the room from all around. This makes heating large, open plan rooms (such as large lounges, school halls and churches) much, much more efficient.

The benefits of underfloor heating are immense. Underfloor heating is a lot more efficient than its fixed wall counterpart, and it is certainly much more aesthetically pleasing not to have several large white boxes filling up valuable space in the rooms of your house.  Conventional fixed-wall heating radiators were invented by a certain Franz San Galli, a Russian businessman, in 1856.

Surely then, being over 150 years old, these radiators have had their day, and the benefits of underfloor heating massively outweigh those of the fixed wall radiator. You could argue that underfloor heating is much more modern than radiators, because they have only been implemented in large scales into houses in the last few decades. However, try arguing for that case, and you’d be wrong. Underfloor heating is thousands of years old, known especially well as the heating system used by the Roman aristocracy. Beneath their floors would be a small group of slaves managing small fires beneath the brick floors, which would transfer heating through ceramic blocks to those people above. That system seemed to work for several hundred years or so, but new rights laws mean you can no longer employ slaves to heat your floor, and instead you must use hot piping. This of course, is no worry, because underfloor heating has no difference in cost in the long run than the “old” radiators, despite working much more efficiently and providing more heating to the house with less heat loss to the walls.

If you need the fit some underfloor heating to your property, Crown Tiles can provide systems which can be fitted as measures to help underfloor heating work in your house.

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