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Using Metro Tiles to Decorate your Home

Metro wall tiles are becoming increasingly popular in British home design, possessed as they are by numerous qualities that make them appealing to home owners across the country. Tiles on their own have many advantages that lend them very well to home decoration, being cheap to purchase, easy to apply and easy to adjust. They also come in a wide variety of materials, lending them well to any room or situation. However metro wall tiles in particular colour can offer a particular flare to your kitchens and bathrooms.

Metro TilesMetro wall tiles are so named because they draw influence from the architectural patterns most frequently used in the New York metro stations, and consequently they have a very urban look to them. Because of their unique ability to link the old and the new, they’ve stormed ahead of the UK decorating market within the past five years.

After all, the tiles have a remarkably simple yet highly effective and adaptive design. They can compliment feminine or masculine designs, traditional or modern designs, and complicated or simplistic designs. Likewise they can be cool and understated, or vibrant and eye-catching, depending entirely on your own preferences and how you choose to implement them.

Because of their versatile designs, there are a wide number of ways in which you can array your metro wall tiles. For example, plain white metro wall tiles can be used to fill in space between tiles, creating a “canvas” that can contrast with other tile types or fixtures. This projects them, and makes them seem more three-dimensional. Alternatively they can be used to border other tiles or appliances, helping to further define and draw them to the eye.

Most metro wall tiles come in block colours and tones. The most frequent are white and black, yet greys, greens, blues and reds are also available. It is also possible to purchase wall tiles that are textured to mimic brick or stone, which can give the room a more organic look.

For further information about metro wall tiles, or to see a wide selection of other wall and floor tile types, why not visit the website of Crown Tiles and see for yourself how you can further decorate your home? Alternatively, if you have any other questions about wall tiles, you can contact them directly by phoning their hotline, available by calling 0800 156 0756.

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