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Using Natural Materials within Home Design

Many of the materials that we use when decorating the home are natural products. Natural materials are those that come from ‘the Earth’ either from the ground, plants or animals. These materials such as wool and wood do not need to be altered and can be used to compliment many different designs within the home.

Using Natural Materials within Home Design

Natural materials, or non-manmade materials, are often used with textiles with both cotton and wool being heavily replied upon for clothing and for the likes of bedding. Materials such as wood are also invaluable in construction and furnishings within the home. Many builds use wood as the backbone or integral structure thanks to its strength and durability. Precious metals including copper, gold and silver are also natural elements. Copper is used greatly in construction specifically for wiring and piping - used so because of its conductive properties, while gold is widely known for its luxe and is commonly used for making jewellery.

According to Style at Home, using raw materials – specifically in the kitchen- is bang on trend for 2014, with exposed beams, chunky wood planks and bricks all key components. These natural materials can offer a simple yet stylish look with a warmly feel – ideal for the heart of the home kitchen.

This style idea can be carried right through the kitchen with the use of natural stone tiles. From slate to marble, these rocks are as natural as you could find – coming straight from the Earth. Natural stone tiles could compliment this years’ rustic trend within the kitchen or could be used as the main feature within the room. Another trending design idea is the use of natural square tiles on both the walls and floor; carrying the pattern from top to bottom.

As natural materials, stone tiles may need some maintenance to ensure longevity of the material but with care, these versatile flooring and wall tiles could be used as part of changing design trends for years to come within the home – making for an ideal investment.

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