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Wall Tiles – Use to Add Colour and Design

When redecorating your home, there are many different ways colour and patterns can be added to a room. Whether it be through simply painting walls in the bedroom or using wall tiles in the kitchen, the colours you choose can give a little insight into your personalities and make your home that little more homely.

Wall Tiles – Use to Add Colour and Design

Painting is a very simple way to add colour when redecorating. Multiple colours could be used on the different walls within a room to give a unique finish. Alternatively, a focus wall can be painted with a more striking colour to draw the eye and make a feature of the room. This is also a clever design tool that can make a room seem bigger by leaving the remaining walls in muted, more natural tones.

Alternatively, wallpaper is a great way to add a little design flair. Wallpaper can be used not only to add colour but also to add patterns and even textures to a room redecoration project. With such a wide variety of designs to choose from whether it be a bold geometric pattern, soft floral design or something a little more fun for a child’s room, wallpapering is a very effective way to give a room an instant lift. This decorating technique can also be reserved to just one feature wall within a room to, again, add focus to a room such as a chimney breast or headboard wall. Different patterns can also alter the perceived proportions of a room such as striped wallpaper used horizontally which can make a room seem longer as the eye travels with the line of the pattern. Care must be taken with wallpaper hanging to ensure that any patterns line up cleaning and that it is a smooth finish – wallpaper should ‘trick the eye’ into seeing one block of colour/pattern and not individual strips.

Using wall tiles could also offer a variety of design options. With such an abundance of styles to choose from, wall tiles can be anything but plain. Many tiles are now available in bold colours which can be used for accent walls such as splash backs in the kitchen are or can even border more neutral coloured tiles to add just a hint of colour. Different sizes and shapes of wall tile can also be matched together to create a wall design that is altogether a little more unique to individual tastes. This could be a design feature within itself, allowing the rest of the room to be redecorated minimally. Buying wall tiles is also offers greater longevity compared to some wallpapers and painting as they are far more durable, can be wiped down easily when grubby and can be used in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms which are used continuously in the home – making for a cost effective redecorating method.

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