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How Warmup Matting Chases Away the Winter Chill

The only advantage one has with the autumn period is that you can approach people suddenly and say “Winter is coming!” without getting odd looks. References to popular fantasy literature aside, however, with the coming frost homeowners across these islands are looking for new ways to keep themselves warm while we wait for spring to break again. To this end, an increasing number are looking into warmup matting as an affordable solution.

How Warmup Matting Chases Away the Winter Chill

The concept of keeping a house warm by heating up the floor is nothing new in the slightest. The Romans thought up this idea back when Julius Caesar was still a hostage of Cilician pirates. However in yet another demonstration on how the Romans seemed to be masters of practical engineering, it remains a highly effective way of heating one’s home. Because the floor covers such a wide area of a given room, lots of heat can be lost to it, and conversely heating it up can warm a room in minutes. Of course, Roman hypocausts were smoky, expensive and required constant supervision to keep running. Such considerations are not really desirable in a modern-day dwelling.

Warmup mats are basically a matting system that is laid on the floor beneath your floorboards or floor tiles. Fitted to a thermostat mounted on the wall, it heats the tiles of your home and immediately dispels any winter chills that may have built up overnight. They are in general quick and easy to install, and the matting can be cut down to fit any room size, however it’s recommended that you hire a professional electrician to set everything up and test it before you lay down tiles.

It would be no good at all if you set down the floor and found out afterwards that the wiring was improperly fitted, or the matting itself didn’t quite fit the room.

Not only does the warmup matting actively heat up the room on its own, but they also provide an extra layer of insulation to the room in general. This prevents heat from escaping, preserving a comfortable temperature during the night when not active and also saving you energy. This means that not only can you enjoy a toasty, warm floor each morning during the dark months, but you can also save money and the environment a little bit at a time.

Naturally such a piece of equipment can run into complications, but most providers of warmup matting will provide advice in how to fit and install it into your home. Many also offer to install it for you, possibly at an additional cost.

For more information about warmup matting and other techniques for warming one’s home this Christmas, visit the website of Crown Tiles, a British tile provider. 

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