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Warner Bros Bathroom Tiles – Something for the Kids (and the Young at Heart)

The Warner Brothers are the masterminds behind the very first film with music and synchronised sound – making them a key player in today’s film industry. Known for the likes of the looney tunes including family favourites’ Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, the Warner Bros. empire was started by 4 brothers wanting to expand on their theatre business. With over 100 years of projects hitting our screens, everybody is sure to have seen something from the Warner Bros. archive.

It was the motion picture ‘The Jazz Singer’ that really put the Warner Bros. in the elite group of entertainers. The film started a new trend in motion pictures which saw more sound played than ever before. The film was a huge success capturing the audience’s attention as something innovative and fun. The company has come a long way since this motion picture and has now racked up an impressive catalogue of box office hits including the Harry Potter series, Batman and the classic ‘The Bodyguard’.

An original from the company - The Looney Tunes - has to be one of the most successful cartoon series to ever broadcast. Dating back to the 1930’s, the original cartoons were used simple as a ‘backdrop’ to release new music material from the Warner Bros. expanding portfolio. Through the ages, the Looney Tunes have seen a little colour (originally broadcast in black and white) and have seen various new characters – with Bugs Bunny now the most well-known of the group. The cartoon sketches have stood the test of time and are internationally recognised thanks to full length films, merchandising and even theme park rides. The cartoon group also includes Tweety – who is commonly seen on clothing designs -, Elmer Fudd and the Road Runner – with their signature catch-phrases and sounds.

The innovative brothers brought something new to the entertainment industry, making film a little more extraordinary for the whole family to enjoy.  Taking a leaf out of their book, Warner Bros. bathroom tiles could a great way to make your bathroom stand out – and make bath time a little more fun! Crown Tiles offer a unique range of tiles inspired by the Looney Tunes characters, offering something a little bit different to the average bathroom tile

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