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Why Tiles?

There are plenty of reasons to choose tiles over other options for your latest decorating project. Here are Tile Advisor's Top 10.


Tiles don't have to be very expensive and in fact if buying from the right supplier there is no reason why they cannot be the same price (if not cheaper than!) decent quality paint, carpeting or wood. Tiles also have a longer life, which makes them more cost-effective over the long term.


Tiles don’t attract dirt or smells, and are easy to clean well. You can also get tile grouts which have anti-bacterial properties.

Water Resistant

Tiles can easily withstand water damage and airborne moisture, which makes them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

Allergy Proof

Unlike carpets or even some forms of panelling, tiles don't harbour or produce dust or mites.


You can put tiles anywhere without worry, even outside on patios or on high traffic areas like staircases.

Hard Wearing

Tiles don't fade and can last literally for decades, unlike paint or carpets!

Home Value

Tiles are often considered an "upmarket" decorating choice so can easily add value and real appeal to your home.

Fresh and Clean

Because they don't retain dirt and dust, tiles are great at giving a room a very fresh, clean and light atmosphere.

Efficient Heating Options

Some people decide to install under-tile heating systems which are very efficient and cost effective, more so than many traditional heating options.


Contrary to popular belief, tiles aren't terribly cold to walk on even in bare feet, as they absorb and retain heat very well.

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