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Alternative Wood Effect Floor Tiles

Solid wooden flooring can add to the look of any home and is often considered a feature in itself. The likes of sturdy oak beams can offer durability that will last for many years. Unfortunately, with such quality of material comes a high price – not only for the beams themselves but also for installation of the flooring and the continuous care and treatments needed to keep it in good shape. Fortunately, there a more cost effective alternative that offers a high finish and better durability – without the additional preservation costs. 

Alternative Wood Effect Floor Tiles

Wood effect floor tiles could be a great alternative for those looking for wooden flooring without the price tag of solid wooden beams. Many of these wood effect floor tiles are made from ceramic, making them far more cost effective compared to original wooden flooring. This material is also far easy to clean – as simply as you would other floor tiles - and does not require yearly treatments such as sanding and waxing to restore, making it far easier to maintain. Any worn or damaged tiles that become noticeable over time can also be replaced simply by removing the tile and replacing rather than having to replace a full beam.

Wood effect floor tiles can be found in a range of different designs and can be laid to create unique patterns that cannot be as easily achieved with real wooden flooring. These tiles are usually available in a wide variety of colours to match different types of wood – including dark varnishes and painted woods – and offer a great finish to any room within the home.

If you are looking for a cost effective flooring alternative that provides durability and still offers excellent design, please visit the website of Crown Tiles to view the wide range of wood effect floor tiles available for the home. If you would prefer to speak with a member of the knowledgeable Crown Tiles team to discuss your flooring requirements, please call 0800 156 0756 where a member of the team will be happy to answer any queries. 

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